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Prototyping Services

RAPID ACCU-FORM INC. has a pattern shop, metal fabrication shop, tool & die department and the expertise to prototype your product from idea to finished part.

Many times a design needs to be prototyped before moving into production. Prototyping can be an economic tool in product development. It allows you to try out new concepts and get your product out for evaluation with a minimum investment of time and money.  In most cases, prototype tooling can be quickly modified, within hours…not days or weeks. 

Additionally, we can supply any needed 2nd operation process and finishing requirements to a prototype part just like we would to a production part. All of our efforts and services can be provided in a "Rapid" time frame to meet your needs.


Look for us on The Discovery Channel’s  “Prototype This!”. Rapid Accu-Form Inc. is featured on the “Robo Dog Sitter” episode.  RAF was also consulted on other  episodes of “Prototype This?. The “Robo Dog Sitter” episode is available on You-Tube.

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Wooden Mold For
Pressure Form Part
Wooden Mold For Pressure Form Part
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Mold & Part
Prototype Mold & Part
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Wooden Pattern &
Prototype Bottle
Wooden Pattern & Prototype Bottle
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Robo Dog Sitter
Robo Dog Sitter
RAPID ACCU-FORM, INC. | Thermoforming Specialists